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Here's What Makes Team Trucking a Rewarding Career for Young Truckers

Posted by Lily Transportation on April 04, 2019

Starting a new career can be a lot to take in. New routines, new people, new responsibilities; there’s so much to absorb and adapt to that it can feel overwhelming for even the most driven of employees. This is just as true for a truck driving career. With team trucking, you don’t have to get started alone.

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Topics: Team Drivers, Young Truckers

Dedication. Commitment. Performance.

  • Lily operates with more than 1100 DEDICATED drivers reporting to on site managers meeting daily with our clients located in 31 states and Canada
  • Lily is COMMITTED to providing highly efficient transportation services to our client portfolio.
  • Lily’s success is based on a platform for continuous reevaluation in which key PERFORMANCE indicators (KPI) are tracked and improvements are made to continuously reduce cost per unit delivered and deliver on time, every time.

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